GASFAA Memorial Scholarship Donations - 2017-2018


GASFAA’s Memorial Scholarship Fund provides scholarships to Georgia resident students enrolled in institutions of higher education in Georgia.  Scholarships are awarded each year at GASFAA’s annual Spring Conference.  This fund is not intended to be need based and is awarded at the discretion of the college’s Financial Aid Office.  The Memorial Scholarship Fund was established in 1999 by the Executive Board in honor of the dedicated service of our financial aid colleagues.  The Past Presidents’ Council oversees the Scholarship Fund. 

Funds are not used for operating expenses and are only used in the form of scholarship(s) to selected recipients. Any donations made to GASFAA may be tax deductible as GASFAA is established as a not-for-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, federal tax ID number 58-1550504. GASFAA is categorized as a “charitable organization” for IRS purposes.

Donations made to GASFAA are non-refundable.

IMPORTANT: If you have already donated for this year, and wish to add more support to the Scholarship Fund, please select "Revise Existing Form." This will allow you to add an additional amount to your previous donation.

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